The Couple

A special thank you goes out to our friends and family during this time of meeting, planning, and downright silliness. 

We know we've been isolated in our relationship from our friends and family but it has only been the means to this glorious end - our upcoming wedding!  We hope you'll enjoy the planning processes as well as our special day come 2014.  Already the ideas are being thrown about like paper airplanes.  You may be hoodwinked into providing a few of your own.

Within the pages you'll see our story, the proposal, the plan for the wedding ceremony and reception, and much more.

With 2014 a bit away, it will give us time to also raise the funds for this wedding to take place.  I'm a big proponent for fundraising (as its my job) and if all of my friends help in the registry section, we will be pretty well set!

But the end result is not the ceremony or the reception or even the honeymoon.  Its the celebration with others of the love we have for one another.

Thank you for sharing in our relationship and our special day.

Love and xoxo,

Soul and Jen